Design the next PrEP Campaign!

We all love a tough contest! Why not use those skills to design a campaign that helps our BALL-timore family be great?! Calling all creatives and people with great ideas to submit to our crowdsourcing contest! We want to know how YOU think we should promote PrEP in the community.

PrEP is a daily pill people can take to have safer sex and prevent HIV/AIDS. It is over 90% effective at preventing HIV, but should be used in addition to condoms to protect against other STDs and pregnancy.

“My Voice! My Choice!” is a research project conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. We are launching a crowdsourcing contest  to encourage community members to share their creative ideas on how to promote awareness and uptake of PrEP, a medication that can effectively prevent HIV infection if taken daily.

Click HERE to get started!

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