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Community Partners

We are working closely with community partners in Baltimore and DC. 

Our Team

Cui Yang, PHD, MA

I am an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I envision impactful public health research efforts should use an equity-based approach to restore community partners as authors and owners. I strive to identify and work alongside community members and key stakeholders as active partners in the research effort, maintain bi-directional feedback loops with community experts about study findings, and commit the time and resources necessary to support these process-oriented efforts. I love travelling and exploring food around the world.

Evan Eschliman, MS

I am a doctoral student at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health committed to advancing social justice by using my privilege and my skills in social science research. I mostly think about stigma and the best ways to work against it, but when I’m not doing that, I spend time with friends, cook and bake, and go on long runs around the harbor in Baltimore.

Allison Mathews, PhD

Dr. Allison Mathews serves as Executive Director and Research Fellow in Faith and Health. She specializes in integrating technology, social marketing, community engagement and social science to examine the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality and religiosity on HIV-related stigma and to innovate clinical research engagement and access to health care for underserved populations. Dr. Mathews has been an invited to speak about HIV and COVID-19 on national and international platforms, including TEDxCaryWomen. Dr. Mathews and Ms. Kimberly Knight co-founded and had December 14 officially declared by the state of North Carolina as HIV Cure Research Day to raise awareness about HIV cure research and encourage community involvement in ending the HIV epidemic. Her most recent work focused on engaging communities in COVID-19 related studies to raise awareness about COVID-19 vaccines, connect people affected by COVID-19 to wrap-around services, and better understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on underserved communities. In addition to research, Dr. Mathews is the Founder and CEO of Community Expert Solutions, a consulting company that develops community-based ideas into revenue generating projects that solve health problems. She earned her BA in Sociology from Howard University, and her MA and PhD in Sociology from UNC Chapel Hill. She completed her postdoctoral work at UNC Chapel Hill in the Department of Social Medicine and the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease. When she’s not working, Dr. Mathews loves hiking in the mountains of Western North Carolina, singing in the choir, and cooking!

Tamara Taggart, PhD, MPH

I am an assistant professor at George Washington University and I conduct community engaged research on how social-structural and cultural factors influence health. I am passionate about health equity, community engagement, and community resilience. Originally from Ohio, if I am not running around outside, I am probably somewhere watching the Buckeyes.

Alexandria Anderson, MPH

I have worked in community health education since 2009, during my last year in my undergraduate studies. I have worked in communicable diseases by conducting research for HIV prevention, Medical Case Management in a clinic, Bridge Counselor for Hep C patients, Adjunct in the Public Health Dept at North Carolina Central University, and more. I have co-founded Digital LinCS to help people with the burden of high-cost medications. I am also a creative on the side: photography, web design, and social media content!

Marcus Henry

Marcus Henry outreach coordinator at Joy Baltimore, Joy Baltimore provides vulnerable youth ages 13- 24 y/o with safety, support, and stability while striving to end #youth homelessness. I also participate in several community advisory boards, and community engagements. I enjoy dancing, listening to music, and breaking the status quo.

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